A Particular Perspective of the Infinite

Hi Friends:

As this blog is called Rambling with Kundan, that’s what I am going to do. Here’s a basic one for ya:

Sitting in a meditative state; that is just watching and letting go and being aware and letting the thoughts do their thing. This often happens for me at three in the morning. A very still time. So, when this is happening it is so delicious, so fresh. Sure, I get caught by passing thoughts and have to come back to just being. What I want to talk of is that while experiencing consciousness, I realise that there are no borders to consciousness. So, if there are no borders, then, there is no ‘my consciousness’ or ‘your consciousness’; there is only consciousness.

So, what about this experiencer of consciousness. Well, I put it as being a point in consciousness or like a node. A particular perspective of the infinite, this experiencer.


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