Consciousness and Therapy

I have heard this kind of statement twice lately: “Sanyassins have been so busy ‘improving themselves’ that they have missed the point” or something similar. It’s funny that Osho promoted therapies and, yet, I clearly remember him talking about how refining one’s character is not going to bring you awareness. This is one of those connudrums of the masters. My own take on it is reflected in something that I remember Osho say during a discourse, “This is just to distract you while the real work happens”. To me, the therapy should be understood as something that you do while you continue your search for real knowledge. It keeps you out of trouble, maybe. In any case, it may make life easier for you til you understand the cosmic joke. Sure, many, if not most therapists do not understand that they are just shining the ego. That there is a level beyond it all that makes the therapy unneccessary. Til’ then…


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