Dysfunctional Government

One of the reasons that I vote outside the two party system is the concept of an “opposition” party. The present Australian Coalition is an unfortunate example. They lost the election by a slim margin and, instead of helping to get the business of running a country happening, their sole objective is to oppose anything that the Labour party proposes. They believe that if nothing gets done, then, the electorate will blame the governing party and elect the coalition. They have become attack dogs instead of mature adults.

The Coalition is still attacking the roll out of the National Broadband Network even though their opposition to the scheme was pointed to by the Independents as one of the principle reasons that they sided with the Labour Party to form a government. Is this insanity?

( I should point out that the Republican Party in the USA are doing the same thing. Also, I suspect that the Labour Party would be doing the same if they were out of government.)

This is all very discouraging. Members of Parliament are meant to represent the interests of the whole country first of all. The fact is that there will never be complete agreement on any issue. What should be happening is the forging of the best solution no matter who proposes said solution.


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