The Tea Tree Lake

Just in from the beach here, is a tea tree lake. When the tides get very high, the sand is washed away that separates the lake from the sea and an amber stream of tea tree oil infused water flows to the ocean. This week that happened and my mind clicked. I contracted a toenail fungus on my right foot many years ago. It has remained only on that foot. It spread beyond my toenail to the sole of my foot. Twenty odd years ago, my doctor gave my different external treatments that didn’t change it. So, he gave me an internal medicine that I was to take every day for six months. After four weeks, I was so ill that he took me off it. I totally screwed up my system and it wasn’t until I was treated by a herbalist that I stabilized again.

Tea tree oil is a natural anti fungal agent. I figure that a few minutes a day walking in this tea tree water won’t hurt and it maybe will help. I’ll let you know in a few months.



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