Grand Tour Day 2

Standing in front of a casino in Jackpot, Nevada. We have just lost $35.00 but we’re happy. In a few minutes we will be leaving Nevada and crossing into Idaho. Once into Idaho, we started seeing farms and more farms. In Nevada, all we saw was desert and casinos.


Burley, Idaho

Staying at the Marriott, Radison.

“It’s a Sunday, so, there are only two restaurants open in town.” I scratch my head.

I look at the menu and hear a voice in my head,  “Kundan, you’re not in California anymore.”


Very nice indoor pool with spa. All to ourselves. Swam laps, went in spa, back in pool, back in spa, back in pool.  Totally relaxed. A great way to finish a day of driving a car.

Tomorrow, Yellowstone.


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