Idaho after the tour.


Here’s a little missive I wrote about our trip through Idaho after we had finished the Grand Tour.
As soon as we crossed the border from Nevada into Idaho, there were no more casinos. Instead, there were large fertile prosperous farms all the way up the valley to Idaho Falls and beyond. I won’t speculate on the relation that the lack of casinos has with their prosperous use of the land.

Twin Falls was a pleasant lunch stop in the older part of town. There actually is a set of falls on the edge of downtown. Just a few miles beyond the city limits, we drove across a bridge and I glanced down. I immediately stopped the other side of the bridge and found a place to park where I could walk close to this amazing gorge of the Snake River.

The next day, we continued on our way to Yellowstone Park.


My previous remembered travel in Idaho was in the early 80s when I was on the ranch. We had purchased the modular buildings for housing construction workers who built a mine up there. An extra pick up truck was needed for the dismantling crew that had been sent up. My name was pulled out of someone’s hat and I was given a box lunch, a map and the keys. What a great assignment. I drove up through some very picturesque parts of the state. The route took me meandering along small roads through valleys with streams and hardwood trees. Very different from the south edge of the state that Mary and I just traversed.

Finally, it seems that the huckleberry grows widely in Idaho and Montana. You find it used in many ways. Whilst in Montana, we bought some “44 North” Mountain Huckleberry Vodka made in Idaho. We opened it a couple days ago. Very smooth and tasty. The huckleberry flavour is very prominent. I’m hoping that we can give my brother a taste. In the mean time, I think I’ll go toss a few ice cubes in a glass. Maybe John will have to make his own trip to Idaho.


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