OK, I’m going.

Hello Friends,
Over the last few years, so many of my friends have been travelling to all these exotic place. They come back here and say to me, “Kundan, you’re such a homebody. You need to travel farther than Mullumbimby. You need to get out and see the world.”

Well, it just got to be too much, so, I decided to go to the next exotic place that was mentioned to me. Then, some guy tells me about this World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto, Japan. (Whatever a shakuhachi is.) Now, I’m a man who sticks to his word, so, I booked a flight for this next Friday to take me to Japan. I told my friends and they said, that’s a good start. It is exotic enough but it’s not far enough. It’s only one time zone. You won’t even get jetlag from that flight.

I had an idea. I called my brother and said, “You think it would be ok with Curt if I came to his wedding?” My brother hesitated and replied, “Hmmm, I’ll put in a word for you but just because he’s your nephew don’t expect him to say ‘yes’. After the last time that you were here… I mean… if I weren’t on such good terms with the fire and police departments….”

Well, my nephew was feeling magnanimous and, so, I added California to my trip. That’s at least five or six time zones. My friends seem satisfied but insist that I do another longer trip after this one and not wait ten years in-between. I’ll see what I can do.

Cheers, Kundan


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