Heavenly Bodies

Looking at the photo of my mother and myself, I wonder. There is this myth about heaven that so many people subscribe to. My feeling is that most people have this vague idea but don’t really look very closely at their belief. If there were a heaven, would you have a body? If so, would you have the one that you had at the time that you left this physical realm? If so, why? I would bet that most people who have reached an age where their bodies were breaking down or filled with disease, would want a different body. I like my body but I sure would like to let go of a few of these aches and pains that I live with. It might be nice to have that blond hair back again…. So, does that person that you remember look the same as you remember? Even if you have a photo.

By the way, for me, the photo is there to remind me of the qualities of my mother that I remember fondly. She lives on in my heart, that is enough for me. Perhaps, one day, I will continue where this is leading me.