The Space Cowboy

I just returned from a performance by the Space Cowboy in the Byron Bay Community¬† Centre. I’ve seen him perform three times now. The first time was at the radio station. I was standing just two feet away when he bent a spoon that a woman was holding. He wasn’t touching the spoon. Just had his hand a few inches away. He makes spoons bend and twist. He uses spoons that the audience brings. It’s the real thing. Tonight he did it with a brandy snifter. A lady was holding it and the stem bent 45 degrees. He talked about a couple of the theories put forth by skeptics. He showed that those theories were incorrect. It’s the real thing, what he does. He does it all the time around the world.

Another example was when he started off the show with us tossing around a foam ‘brick’ to pick the participant for the trick. He then wrote a three digit number on a paper and, after, asked the guy to clear his mind and say the first three digits that came to mind. It was those numbers. As I said, I’ve seen him perform three times and he does these things easily. He makes you admit that there is more to reality than fits in the box.

He finished by swallowing a florescent tube with a mic attached to it’s end. You could hear his muscle adjusting as the tube went down and then his heart beating. Very dramatic.

He’s was born in Byron and gave his first performance at the monthly markets when he was eight years old. See him if you have a chance. He tours the world.

I’m off to pick a spoon to practice on.