A Cut Above the Rest

So, there I am, wandering through Kyoto business streets when I come upon a knifemaker’s shop. If you know anything of Japanese knives you would be as excited as I was. The Japanese knives that are made by such a maker are made with the care and technique of the samurai swords. Three layers of metal and so sharp that they slice rather than just cut. Although I have enough kitchen knives, I was drawn in by my love of such art. On the wall were displayed the different steps from the chunk of metal to the final product. (I was so awestruck that I forgot to take any photos.) Some of the knives had swirls on the blades like you see on some of the swords.

Looking around, having to remember to stop the saliva from dripping from my mouth, I came across …

Yes, these are a pair of haircutting scissors. I use them for trimming my beard. From tip to toe, they are about sixteen centimetres (six and a half inches) long.  Look at the beautiful curves of the handle.

Take a closer look….

The thumb hole is shaped for a right hander. I didn’t notice at the time, so, I don’t know if they had a southpaw version in stock. You see the tensioner for the blades. The blades are slightly hollowed for an even sharper edge. The edge is meant to last ten years between sharpenings. With my twice a week beard trim…


The other side… The Maker’s Mark!




I said above that I trim my beard twice a week. Since these new scissors found a new home beside the 95 year old double edged razor, I have found myself being a bit more scrupulous about the stray hairs on my face.

A gentleman’s treasure.








iPod Touch

Got this little guy a week ago and I’m totally wrapped! It does so much and weighs nothing and is small enough to fit in my shirt pocket. I’m even reading books on it. When I’m travelling, I’ll be able to leave my macbook with a friend and just use this and internet cafes.