Studying blogging

So, I have started to study this thing called blogging. I did keep a blog for a couple years when I first started travelling after I sold the house. However, it got to be a lot of work. Part of it was so much writing for each entry and positioning the photos. So, I’m doing a bit of study and practice in this blog that almost no one knows about. Til now, this has been a place for me to write a few “phliosophical” posts. My resurrected interest is the result of my intended blog of my round the world tour next year. I have already created the blog. Titled “Kundan’s Bent Tour”. That’s “bent” as in recumbent bicycle. Or, maybe it’s as in the not straight and narrow. I also have planned, off further in the future, another blog as part of website that will be part of a pet interest of mine. It will be much more of a site for discussion and maybe collaboration.